Optimistic Cal students attend job fair


It is still a tough and competitive job market, but it seems like the worst is over.

After four years of hitting the books, Cal students are hitting the pavement in search of their dream job.

"I think there's going to be work somewhere and being persistent and competitive, I think, will help me find something," UC Berkeley senior Spencer Warden said.

This year's job market shows some improvement.

A survey from the National Association of Colleges and Employers found that employers expect to hire 5.3 percent more graduates this year compared to last year.

"For example, at this fair, we're seeing 15 percent more employers; we actually had a waiting list and we had to reconfigure the room to accommodate employers," UC Berkeley career center spokesperson Suzanne Helbig said. "So that's a good sign."

Lab126 makes the Kindle for Amazon. They have 70 new positions.

"Since we're expanding so rapidly and we integrate so many new features into our next generation devices, we're just trying to hire the right people to get in and help us get that done," Scott Ludlum said.

Despite some movement in the technology sector, the class of 2010 faces a tough job market.

"It's so incredibly tough," Cal senior Marina Gato said. "I started months ago, thinking I would be ahead of the game and it's not happening."

Monster.com is an online job posting website; according to one of their 2010 surveys, 52 percent of college graduates said they are living at home while working a full-time job to alleviate financial pressures. In 2009 that number was 40 percent.

"What we do recommend is that students be more flexible; they can look at a broader range of entry level positions, including internships to get their foot in the door," Helbig said.

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