Oakland kicks off campaign to fix potholes


Driving in some Oakland neighborhoods can sometimes be like driving through a concrete obstacle course; no matter how hard you try to avoid all the potholes, sometimes, it is just impossible.

The city's Department of Public Works is spending $250,000 to fill about 1,000 potholes over the next three weeks. Officials estimate Oakland has around 1,500 potholes.

Crews began the city's "Pothole Blitz" in East Oakland, where residents have long complained about the poor quality of their streets. The crews will then tackle central and West Oakland.

"Whether it's abandoned, foreclosed properties or whether it's potholes, it really has an impact on the quality of life of the residents who have struggled and haven't abandoned Oakland, but continue to live here," said Oakland City Councilman Larry Reid.

To notify Oakland's Department of Public Works about potholes, call 510-615-5566.

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