Woman gets 9 months in jail for salon beating


Melissa Seals broke down as she told the judge the beating last year shattered her life and destroyed her livelihood. Many customers she said were too afraid to return to her hair salon.

They had seen the savage attack on the Internet, which was videotaped and posted on YouTube by a friend of Bryant.

Seals was punched and kicked and prevented from leaving her salon for five to six minutes.

On Thursday in a one-day bench trial, Judge Phillip Sarkisian found Bryant guilty of misdemeanor battery and false imprisonment.

On Friday morning, he sentenced her to jail for nine months and probation for three years.

Bryant was immediately taken into custody. Extra deputies were called again, after yesterday's outbursts by family members of the victim and the accused.

During that proceeding, Seals stomped out of court after exploding at Bryant's defense attorney David Kelvin.

"When you question me, you better get your business straight and quit dating your customers. You have a wife," Seals yelled on Thursday while she stormed out of the courtroom.

Today, Bryant apologized in court to Seals.

"No, I don't believe her. Actually, I forgave her, but no, I don't believe that she felt sorry," Seals said.

The fireworks came after the sentencing. It started when Seals got into a verbal altercation with Kelvin in the hallway.

It ended with family members saying Kelvin had punched one of them.

Kelvin told ABC7 he had been punched.

Seals' mother had to be restrained by deputies. She then collapsed on the floor, complaining of shortness of breath.

Paramedics took her to the hospital for observation.

Despite the turmoil of the day, there was a silver lining for Melissa Seals.

Students from nearby Patten University painted her salon, saying they wanted to help get seals get back on her feet.

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