MLB gets thrust into Arizona immigration debate


San Francisco has already put a stop to city funded travel to Arizona. Now, city leaders want to take the boycott even farther.

San Francisco City Attorney Dennis Herrera wants the baseball commissioner to move the 2011 All-Star Game out of phoenix.

"This law is a risk and an affront to millions of Americans including a great many baseball players who are on Major League Baseball teams," says Herrera.

Thirty percent of Major League Baseball players are Latino. Herrera and supervisor David Campos worry the players will be targeted by local police. These concerns were voiced in a letter to the commissioner on Friday.

In a statement, the Major League Baseball Players Association said, "All these players, as well as their families, could be adversely affected…" even though they're in the country legally.

Spanish-speaking players on the San Francisco Giants ABC7 spoke with don't agree with Arizona's law. They say, from now on, they'll make sure to carry proper I.D. while in the state.

"I'm going feel weird if it happens because it has never happened to me before and I'd feel weird if they ask identification," says Giants outfielder Andres Torres.

"Speaking for myself, I think it's part of life. I think if police stop you for speeding, you got to stop. If they stop you for papers, it is what it is, you got to adjust to it," says Giants catcher Bengie Molina.

Sergio Romo is Mexican-American and lives in Arizona in the offseason. He doesn't want the All-Star Game venue to change. Romo also thinks the boycott of Arizona that Oakland and San Francisco have called for is extreme.

"For me to hear 'Hey, boycott the whole dang state' or boycott anything in particular with Arizona, you sit there and say, 'Why?' It's a state!" says Giants pitcher Sergio Romo.

Baseball fans had mixed reaction to an All-Star Game venue change.

"Move it!" says Hector Rodriguez, a Giants fan from Stockton.

"I really doubt the Major League players are going to be the ones stopped and profiled," says Shannon Thomas from West Virginia.

"I think it'd be great for a change of location," says Jean Bonggat, a Giants fan from San Jose.

The city attorney says no one at Major League Baseball has responded to his letter.

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