Steps to protect your teen driver

Four out of 10 teens get into a car accident within a year of getting their license. Accidents cause 1 in 3 teen deaths, but Good Housekeeping says you can minimize the risk.

"The first key step is about setting limits for when and where you can drive. You really need to enforce those to keep your child safe," said Janet Siroto of Good Housekeeping.

She also says curfews are a must.

"Your teen should not be on the road after 9 p.m. It's much more dangerous to be driving when it's dark out," said Siroto.

Thirdly, monitor your child's driving very closely the first 1,500 miles that he's behind the wheel. And finally limit distractions.

"Distracted driving is a huge risk so make sure that when your teen is behind the wheel she's not listening to her iPod, her cell phone is turned off -- that will definitely keep her safe," said Siroto.

Teaching your kids to be conscientious drivers will help you sleep at night.

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