Fairfax home with its own railroad up for sale


"Particularly as a young child it was a big outing to come out to my aunt and uncle's house and ride the train," said Mary Stompe.

In 1961, Stompe's uncle -- a Scottish immigrant engineer by the name of Gordon Adams, began to build a miniature steam engine and train in the backyard of his home. He fabricated all the parts himself, laid the track and invited the neighborhood kids over to enjoy what he called the Raccoon Gulch Railway.

"His life was trains. All his vacations were around trains, visiting big trains, going to Europe and riding the trains. He loved having the neighborhood kids over and ride the train. In fact he even built a special car for a neighborhood dog," said Stompe.

But, Adams is now 93-years-old, frail and lives in a nursing home. His wife Pauline is 99. They had to stop running the railroad several years ago and the trains are in serious need of repair before they work again. After the couple was cheated out of $80,000 by a hired home caregiver, their family decided to put the property up for sale -- asking price $995,000.

"It's a very unique property. It's got a gorgeous setting and the train is ready to go and the train goes all the way around the property, through a tunnel -- so it's got great features," said Stompe.

"I've already had a number of calls from railroad enthusiasts and organizations that want to come and use the property and see the property, and even if they don't buy it, come over and maintain the railroad for a potential buyer," said realtor Fred Kusin.

Adams was known for years as the train man of Fairfax and allowed kids and neighbors to use the railroad for birthday parties, and neighborhood gatherings. By the way, Adams bought the property in the 50s and began laying the track before he built the house.

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