Four steps to accelerate your life

4 Steps to GOLD
By Clara Chorley

  1. G: Give it Up
    Give up any and all barriers, constraints, belief systems that get in the way of you believing you can have what you want. For example, if you're telling yourself "oh, I just don't deserve to have the relationship I want" - let it go.

    Be willing to be wrong about this. Be willing to question the validity of that statement. Be willing to disagree with what holds you back.

  2. O: Own It
    Take absolute responsibility for every result, conversation and event that takes place. Be curious about your judgments - of yourself and others.

    If your life isn't where you want it to be, blaming others (the government, the weatherman, your other half, friends, or family) is not going to help. What's a step you can take to feel like you're the Mistress of your Destiny again??

  3. L: Love It
    Trust your intuitive Whispers - they are the path to clarity, joy and freedom. Start to trust them more and more. Take small risks and small steps. Is your intuition saying 'yes' or 'no', 'stay' or 'go', 'stop' or 'start' - whichever you think, follow it.

    This is a muscle and the more it's worked - the clearer it'll get. Be patient and be willing to make mistakes along the way! It's okay. We all do :) It's much more fun to be moving towards what you want, rather than being stuck.

  4. D: Dream Big!
    Go for what you want and be clear about how you'll get there. 'D' is all about planning; taking daily, baby steps towards what you want; and creating support so you'll win. Plan your goals and break them down to daily steps.

    Then find someone or a group to help keep you accountable. If you've been doing it alone and it hasn't been working, try something new.

    People tend to stick to their promises (like going to the gym) when there's a buddy involved who they don't want to let down or look bad in front of. Put yourself on the line - in the name of Quality of Living!
The key with all of this is to go for the dreams and desires of your heart. Don't give up on yourself and be okay with a life half-lived. Your big dream might be to take a long weekend vacation with your boyfriend 3 times a year, and if that's it - then go for that. If it's to build a business - do that. If it's to be a real estate mogul - do that. If it's to get your body in great shape - do that. It doesn't matter what it is - go for it. Go for GOLD. You're worth it.

About Clara Chorley:

Clara Chorley has a passion for uncovering the common threads of Successful Men and Women. After working with hundreds of men and women from 34 countries and three continents, she has successfully outlined steps that will guide anyone to the discovery and expression of their true, authentic gifts and Life Purpose.

She has been found to be able to uncover how people sabotage their gifts; specific steps that will transform failure to success; and how to access true, unlimited potential.

Clara coaches life skills and tools, and shows how to integrate them into daily personal and professional practice - to ensure the highest likelihood of Life Success for any man or woman, no matter where he/she is in his/her personal evolution.

Clara Chorley is an award-winning speaker, private coach, author and founder of Clarity Unlimited - an organization committed to empowering men and women globally to express their Purpose and innate gifts in the world.

Clara worked with a Fortune 500 company where she coached partners and team members in leadership competencies and team building skills; leadership effectiveness and interdependence.

Born in Birmingham, England, Clara has lived in Honolulu, Hawaii where she acquired her BA in Speech/Communications and worked as an organizational specialist, writer, and editor. Clara moved to San Francisco in 2005. She has worked and lived in India, Romania and Rwanda working with disadvantaged populations; and has traveled to over 34 countries.

Clara is a published writer, editor and contributor to the book: 15 Winning Ways to Better Living. (Sherman Texas: 15 Winning Ways Book Series, 2009). She is in high demand as a speaker and coach.

In her private life she thrives on physical fitness, yoga, dancing, reading, travel, horseback riding and socializing with friends. Clara brings rare qualities of open-mindedness, directness, laser-sharp clarity and a sense of humor to her work supporting men and women to lead richer lives. She lives what she teaches.

For more information about Clara, visit

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Clara's like a ray of light, and I would recommend her groups to anyone." Nirmala N.

"Clara is a healing, energizing light on this planet and time with her can absolutely transform your life." Dr. Brenda Wade, Psychologist.

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