SF's first lady wants to help girls' self-image


She will be showing clips from a documentary she is producing about how women are judged by their appearance.

"The media is not portraying the healthiest image for young girls; there are stereotypical images and what we're trying to do is expose young girls to real working women who are inspiring," Newsom said.

Newsom wants to make sure they do not buy into the images they see.

"Girls get the message from very early on, that's what most important is how they look; their value, their worth, depends on that and boys get the message that this is important about girls," she said.

Newsom also wants young women to know they can have it all, if they want -- family and career, but maybe not all at once.

"Now that I'm a mom, I understand even how much busier I am and therefore how much more limited my time is," she said.

She encourages women to get more involved in leadership roles that affect the country.

"There is so much under-representation of women in leadership positions in America, across the board, and so to get the numbers up, we need to help each other up the ladder and through the doors," Newsom said.

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