Infineon holds first zero carbon motorcycle race


They look like motorcycles, maneuver like motorcycles, but there is one difference -- they're electric.

This weekend Infineon Raceway will host the first-ever zero carbon motorcycle race in the United States.

"By showing these motorcycles on the track, we're really changing people's perceptions along with driving innovation," says Chris Heimbuck from Zero Motorcycles.

Of the 10 teams competing in the race, nine entrants are from Northern California.

"All of the West Coast seems to have the most important advancements in this technology and the largest amount of companies that have delved into it," says Raul Aguilar Inarritu from Electric Motorsport.

The zero-carbon, clean emission electric machines can reach speeds between 120 and 170 mph. They're quiet and have one big advantage over internal combustion motorcycles.

"There's no carbon pollutants coming out of your tailpipe," says Heimbuck.

One charge will cover the distance in this weekend's race. There will be no pit stops, no refueling, and this is a sport trying to find alternative ways to reduce our reliance on oil.

"Electric motorcycles use an electric power train, but the fact is they're fast, fun and happen to be efficient. So for some people it might be about being green," says Heimbuck.

It's a quiet, family-friendly race set for Sunday at 11a.m.

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