Another iPhone prototype surfaces


If the phone shown in a Thai video posted to YouTube is indeed Apple's new 4G iPhone, it is the company's worst kept secret.

A Vietnamese businessman posted the video. ABC7 translated some of his play-by-play of the features which, includes a second, front-facing camera.

"In the front you can see a camera; that is next to the speaker," the man in the video said.

Tech analyst Larry Magid says the device looks like a legitimate prototype or even production model.

"It kind of confirms what Apple has to do with its next generation phone, which runs on a faster network," he said.

This leak comes on the heels of a /*Gizmodo*/ editor buying an iPhone prototype last month and posting video.

Apple engineer Gray Powell apparently made the mistake of his career when he left the device at a Redwood City bar. Prosecutors are now looking into whether any crime was committed when Gizmodo bought the "lost" item.

Law professor Tyler Ochoa says it will be much tougher to investigate the leak in Vietnam.

"It's not clear that the Vietnamese police have any incentive to look into this or to prosecute the alleged leaker," Ochoa said.

The first leak was certainly unusual, but some say a second prototype leak borders on suspicious.

Apple is known for its secrecy and many bloggers, and even some of the Apple faithful, say the second leak could be a way to generate buzz and ultimately sales.

"I think Apple knows quite well what is happening; it's part of the marketing campaign," iPhone user Sergi Heero said.

"I wouldn't put anything past Apple; they are very clever and I'm not saying they are deliberately leaking anything, but this not a company that does things accidentally very often," Magid said.

Apple CEO Steve Jobs enjoys unveiling the unexpected and that is exactly what iPhone users are expecting next month for the 4G release, leaks or not.

"So if you follow the Apple rumors you sort of get an inkling of what's coming out, but you don't really know what it is until it really comes out," iPhone user Frank Curran said.

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