Recovered sea lion makes debut at Six Flags


The sea lion has a new home and a new job. The sea lion's new name is Sgt. Nevis, in honor of Yolo County Animal Services officer who help save him on the banks of the Sacramento River back in December.

Members of the Marin Marine Mammal Center sneaked up on the 350-pound sea lion and dropped on him, but the sea lion was in very bad shape.

It took six months of rehabilitation, but now Sgt. Nevis made his public debut at Six Flags in Vallejo -- all 700 pounds of him.

The "real" Sgt. Nevis is very honored with the name given to the sea lion.

"It's pretty neat, I mean I really enjoy that. It's been kind of crazy sometimes and when it first happened they said Sgt. Nevis was in critical condition, and my family was like, I just saw him at breakfast and I don't know what happened," he said.

"Unfortunately for him he wasn't well enough to be able to return to the wild, in other words to have a really productive life out in the ocean, which is ultimately our goal. But here at Six Flags, we feel very confident that he will be able to thrive and have a productive life," Jim Oswald from the Marin Marine Mammal Center said.

The injury happened when a fisherman shot the sea lion in the face because the animal was stealing his fish.

Sgt. Nevis is just a teenager, so he is expected to stay a Six Flags for a while.

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