SJ candidate targeted by another fraudulent flyer


East San Jose voters got a new flyer in the mail Tuesday, denouncing District 5 candidate, Magdalena Carrasco.

Carrasco can't believe another fraudulent flyer is going out to East San Jose voters.

It's illegal, not because of the words, but because of who sent it. The so called Committee to Keep San Jose Safe doesn't exist.

"The voters don't know who sent this, so under the law voters are entitled to know who sent them campaign material; we can't regulate content but voters have the right to know who sent it," city clerk Lee Price said.

Tuesday Price forwarded the flyer to the District Attorney and the Fair Political Practices committee in Sacramento.

They're already investigating the situation after voters got a separate flyer over the weekend showing Carrasco's picture next to the Vietnamese Communist flag.

Carrasco is sure the ones responsible are targeting specific ethnic groups in District 5, where 10 percent are Vietnamese and the majority is Latino.

"Now this second mailer to Latino community depicting us as gang members and drug users, it's very offensive," Carrasco said.

The flyer seems to tie Carrasco to traffic, gangs, smog, and Los Angeles politicians. A photo of Carrasco's ex-husband, who's a Southern California assemblyman, is in the center of the mailer.

Three other candidates are running against Carrasco - and all say they want a clean race.

"I think the candidates owe it to the community to not let up on what the standard needs to be," J. Manuel Herrera said.

"The community is affected by all this negative issues and I hate to see that because there should be more respect for our community," Aaron Resendez said.

"I think it's deplorable and I denounce it," Xavier Campos said.

All of the District 5 candidates have agreed to follow a code of conduct.

As for the ones responsible for these flyers, if they're caught, they'll face a stiff fine.

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