Finding the perfect sports bra

Bras are like finding the perfect running/walking shoes. It depends on your unique shape and the types of activities that you are doing. Here are some basics:

Fit is everything. Bras come in three basic types:

  1. Compression bras: Best for A & B cups.

  2. Combination Compression/encapsulation bras: Best for C & D cups (also in shimmels or tank tops with built in bras.)

  3. Encapsulation bras: Best for D & DD and up
** If your'e interested in purchasing any of these types of bras, most retail stores will know what these names are.


Band Size: The band that goes around the bottom of the bra is the foundation of the Bra.
  • The wider the band the more supportive the bra. The staps hold up the cups and should provide minimal stretch.

  • Wide straps will better disperse the weight of larger breasts. Straps, regardless of width should not fall down or press into shoulders during activities.
Try the jump test! Adjustable straps will allow you to customize the fit. Underwire or other reinforcements will also give extra support.

Wicking: For athletes or busy women on the go (Moms) you want a bra that will wick the moisture away from the breast. This is a MUST regardless of size!

Wearing: Okay so now you have the bra on . Test drive it!
  1. Should be just a little tighter than a regular bra - no not an ace bandage! Take a deep breath and feel good!

  2. Swing arms and check for chafing points.

  3. Jump up and down to ensure straps don't dig.

  4. Raise hands over head. If the band moves up your rib cage try a smaller size or adjust straps.

  5. Make sure that the fabric is smooth and doesn't bag.

  6. Now you are ready to run!

How long a sports bra will continue to give you support:

Take care of your sports bras. Hand washing is ideal but unrealistic for most of us. So if you wash don't use fabric softeners as they will breakdown the wicking properties. Also, wash them with the bra hocked on loose. DON'T but them in the dryer! They should last 6 months or more depending on use.

Anything on breast cancer reconstruction athletes/walkers and the right bra for them. For gals recovering from breast reconstructive surgery or who have shoulder issues a front closing bra is ideal.

Recommended Styles:
  • Moving Comfort is one of the best lines - $38-60
  • Nike - S30 - $50
  • Adidas - $30-$50
  • Asics - $30-$50
About Holly Wick:

Holly (Turner) Wick has taught Physical Education in Sonoma and Marin Counties for over 10 years. Her philosophy is that everybody is an athlete.

As a coach she has always stressed PR's (personal records). She reminds students that their best is always good enough. As a triathlete, Holly did her first triathlon in the late 1970's and has competed in "too many triathlons to count".

Her best distance is the Ironman where she has competed in six Ironman Races, has won her age group in Vineman and placed third in Ironman Canada and last year third in Ironman France.

She has qualified for Hawaii Ironman World Championship but hasn't gone there yet due to work commitments. This year Holly will be competing in the 70.3 (Half Ironman) World Championships in Clearwater Florida.

As a runner she has run the Boston Marathon, Vancouver International Marathon, Napa Marathon and CIM, but she prefers half marathons. Holly lives in Petaluma with her family and trains with her husband, JT.

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