Tony Blair leads the way to fight climate change


"He is going to help us in many areas that 'techie nerds' like us in Silicon Valley don't understand," Khosla said.

"As I said to Vinod and his colleagues, I am neither a technology expert nor a financial expert, however what I do know about is politics and public policy side of what's going on," Blair said.

Blair and Khosla share a common vision on climate change and energy security. They believe the solution lies in technologies of the future and Khosla is hoping some of those technologies will come from the start-up companies he's invested in.

One of the companies in Khosla's portfolio is Michigan-based EcoMotors, which manufactures an engine that uses half the fuel of a conventional engine with a carbon footprint smaller than a hybrid electric vehicle.

"If you walk out of here and say some guy was selling me a two-stroke engine today and talk to a world-renowned engine designer he will say it doesn't work, because he just doesn't know," EcoMotors CEO Don Runkle said.

And, the main ingredient in Calera's cement is C02 captured from power plants.

"We can take C02 from a fossil fuel-powered electric power generating station and we can turn it into a scalable, profitable product sustainable on an ongoing basis," Calera founder Brent Constantz, Ph.D. said.

How much Blair will get paid for his advisory role was not disclosed.

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