Creative invitation trends


  • Customize your invites with personal photos, favorite colors, quotes, etc. Instead of just sending a generic invite, personalized invites really convey the mood of the event and the personality of the host.

  • If you're more traditional, you can opt for a sentimental photo or if you prefer a modern look, you can use an array of different sized photos. For example, if you're planning your husband's birthday, you don't have to use a photo of him. You can also create an elegant photo collage of his favorite things- which will also give people good ideas of what to get him.

  • Another example: We are even seeing a trend of baby shower invitations featuring the baby's sonogram!

  • Milestone celebrations are also perfect occasions for using photos to add a personal touch: juxtapose photo of your college grad with her baby photo to really mark the momentous occasion, or feature a photo of Dad as a 6-year-old for his 60th birthday
Unusual Sizing:
  • Instead of traditional folded invites and rectangular cards, experiment with different sizes and shapes.

  • Oversized cards are fun for big, over the top events while your kids will love sending their own miniature invitations.

  • Square invitations also have a modern, hip look.
  • Soft, whimsical pastels and bright colors are great for spring and summer, while jewel tones (deep greens, purples and blues) will be popular for fall and dark glamour (burgundy, black and white) will be big for winter.

  • Right now, people also love bold turquoise, coral and peach tones, vintage violet, pumpkin, champagne, pink, ivory and golden yellow.

  • Use your invitation colors to inspire the decoration of your party - this is the simplest way to create a party with a sophisticated pulled-together look
  • Eco chic is still a big trend, especially since people are taking more interest in organic food and green living. Recycled invitations are in high demand, as well as those that are linked to charitable causes.
  • Invitations can be a great starting point of inspiration for your party - browse the selection and see which design strikes your fancy and create a theme around it. Some party ideas that have been inspired by the invitations just because they're so adorable:

  • Little Chef cooking parties
  • Spa parties for tweens
  • Super hero parties for boys and girls - one of our most popular birthday invites features a superhero in hotpink.

    Instead of just throwing the same yearly Holiday party, spice it up with a creative theme or activity. With so many holiday parties to go to, people will love your creativity. Host a cookie swap party or create a "martinis and mistletoe" theme with green décor and cocktails. Incorporate the theme into your invite to get people excited for the big day. Some new trends for baby showers:

    "Sip 'n See" -- usually a co-ed shower where guests are invited to come meet the new baby.

    Book themed showers -- in lieu of registries guests bring their favorite children's books to begin the baby's library; accessorize the party with gift tag stickers that guests can stick on the book for the baby.
Celebrity Designs
  • Many people are taking a lot of entertaining tips from their favorite celebrities, from buying their exact invitations or emulating their party décor.

  • For her baby shower, Tiffani Thiessen bought Jill Smith Design thank you cards with her baby's name printed at the top. Jill Smith makes really simple, modern designs with an elegant twist and they've been extremely popular on our site. Last year, we produced holiday collections designed by various celebrities, from Gwyneth Paltrow to Molly Sims, and they were a huge hit.
How to Match Your Invitation to Your Event

When choosing the design of your invitation, ask yourself a few key questions:

What's the mood of my event?

Make sure your invite conveys the mood and color palate of the event. Hosting a spa party? Choose an invitation in relaxing muted blues and greens. A sophisticated Oscar party? Try a modern, avant garde style.

Is my event casual or formal?

If you have a strict dress code or you need to provide a head count to your caterer, choose a more formal design for your invites. People will be more likely to RSVP in a timely manner.

If you are having a low key party, choose a fun, colorful design. Metallic colors are really popular right know and convey a fun loving feel.

What's my personality?

If you're the practical joker of the group, send a slightly humorous invitation. If your friends know you love to cook, use a design that incorporates food. Make sure your invite reflects your personality.

Etiquette Tips:

When to Send Invitations:

For a formal party, send invitations six to eight weeks before the event. For a more informal affair, send invitations two to three weeks prior to the celebration to give everyone on your guest list plenty of time to prepare for the festivities.

How to Handle Gifts:
  • For weddings, do not list stores where you are registered on your announcements or invitations. For truly stylish stationery experts, including the stores on your registry leaves a sour taste on your otherwise sweet social stationery. Instead, allow your friends to ask where you are registered on an individual basis.

  • As a general rule, if you do not specifically request that guests do not bring gifts it insinuates that all gifts will be welcome. It is acceptable, however, to decline gifts on an invitation or announcement using a delicate phrase printed at the bottom of your card in discreet print.
Suggestions: No gifts please, May your good wishes be your only gift to us or May the presence of your company be your only gift to us.

How to Stuff Envelopes:

The printed side of the announcement or invitation should be the side facing the recipient when he or she opens the stationery, so be sure to stuff your envelopes with the printed side of your invitations and announcements facing the flap of the envelope.

What to Include in an Invitation:

Depending on the occasion, special celebrations typically offer a variety of themes to choose from. The best way to generate verse ideas to accompany your even theme and suit your personal style is to browse through our list of sample verses. Typically, an event invitation includes:
  • An opening: Include a short phrase inviting your friends and family to the event.

  • A description of occasion: Briefly explain the purpose of the invitation and what the event is about. Example: A birthday party for Christina Williams.

  • The name of the host(ess): List the full name(s) of the host(s) or hostess(es) throwing the party.

  • The name of the honoree: Include the full name(s) of the person being honored, such as the birthday boy or girl, the mother-to-be.

  • The date and time: List the day and date of the party, followed by the time. Avoid using any abbreviations if you are hosting a formal event.
Other information to Include:

Indicate appropriate attire for costume parties, formal dinners and black tie events if you think there may be any ambiguity.

If your party requires additional instruction, including what to bring to a potluck, if a sleeping bag is needed for a slumber party or whether or not guests should bring their own towels to a pool party, print that extra info on the invitation as well.

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