Young man shot and killed by Pinole police


"It's unsettling, it's a really quiet area and I would like some explanations as to what exactly happened," said Michael Baum.

When Baum heard the shots fired outside his Pinole home, he told his 5-year-old son to move to the middle of the house and then he grabbed his video camera and ran outside.

He called out to the officers several times and then moved down the block where he could see a police officer performing CPR on the man who had been shot. Baum wants to know if the dead man was armed.

"I'm not saying there wasn't a weapon there, but I did not see one and I was probably there as quick as anybody," said Baum.

Police couldn't answer the question if Welch was armed. They simply said they were still working on the investigation.

The father of 20-year-old Michael "Micky" Welch was at the scene standing behind the crime tape when police walked over to tell him it was his son who had been killed.

"Mr. Welch is on probation for a narcotics violation. We were going to talk to him about that violation, a confrontation ensued, our officers shot Mr. Welch. He was pronounced dead three minutes later," said Pinole Deputy Chief Peter Janke.

Police have not said why the meeting turned violent; they say they were there for a routine probation visit.

On Baum's home video, an officer could be heard saying, "I need the brown house on lockdown right now."

On the home video, you can see police suddenly focus on a home a few doors down from the shooting. They bring a man and woman outside and put them in handcuffs while neighbors try to stick up for them by saying, "Nobody ran up this cul-de-sac."

Police did not comment on the house allegedly on lockdown.

Officers say the man who was shot was visiting someone in the Pinole neighborhood. Still, the neighborhood will never forget the afternoon he was killed.

"I'm a mother and there's obviously a child that's... you know... deceased. That's all I can say," said neighbor Jenifer Marshall who brought flowers.

Welsh leaves behind a baby.

Police still haven't said whether he was armed. No other injuries were reported.


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