Mass vandalism under investigation in Dublin


The bulk of the tire slashings happened at the Amador Lake apartment complex on North Lake Drive, although police say they also found one car with slashed tires near the entrance on Stagecoach Road.

Dozens of residents spent the morning frustrated.

"Just going to work this morning, I saw a whole bunch of people standing out there crying. I saw a police officer and I was like, 'Great. What happened?'" Karel Santiago told ABC7.

Santiago soon found out that he and dozens of other residents were the victims of vandalism.

"Left rear, all of them, left rear," Juan Hernandez said. "Everybody's down the line."

The tires on up to 40 cars were slashed, also cutting into victim's wallets.

"It's terrible What's the point? There's no point. It just costs us money. I just bought new tires because the last ones were gone," Hernandez said.

"We know at this point that sometime probably between 10:15 last night and a quarter to 5 this morning, a series of, it looks like 30 to 40 tire slashings occurred here in the Amador Lakes apartment complex," explained Lt. Kurt Von Savoye with the Dublin police.

Police started getting a flurry of calls Monday morning from upset victims.

"Money out of my pocket. I'm pissed, late for work," Wendy Stafford said laughingly. "It just sucks. And, my crow bar doesn't fit the lug nut so I can't change my own tire. Calling for help."

In the meantime, some have been able to change their own tires and investigators now have the task of looking for any witnesses and video evidence. They have no suspects and say the vandalism is not inconsistent with juvenile-type behavior, but they need more evidence to know for sure who did the slashings.

Anyone who may have seen any suspicious activity is encouraged to call Dublin police.

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