Recipe: Persian dessert sorbet

Sorbet with vermicelli, preserved sour cherries and pistachios Serves 8



  • 4 oz rice noodles broken into 2-inch pieces
  • 2 cups sugar
  • 2 cups water
  • 2 cups freshly squeezed juice from meyer lemons (about 3-4 lemons)
  • 4 teaspoons fine lemon zest
  • 1/2 teaspoon rose water

  • Chopped pistachios
  • Preserved sour cherries
  • Tequila
  • Slices of lime
  1. In a small saucepan on medium high heat, make a simple syrup by heating sugar and water until sugar has completely dissolved.

  2. Remove from heat and let cool. Mix in lemon juice and zest. Chill, either in the refrigerator, or by placing in a metal bowl over an ice bath.

  3. Once the mixture has thoroughly chilled, freeze in your ice cream maker according to the manufacturer's instructions.

  4. Remove sorbet from ice cream machine, add rice noodles and fold together. (If you don't have an ice cream maker, you can pour the mixture into a shallow pan and freeze in your freezer until semi-solid. Then take a fork and fluff it up, returning it the freezer to freeze until firm. Pleace in a food-processor or blender and process until smooth. Add the rice noodles and fold together.)

  5. Place sorbet in airtight container and freeze until ready to serve.

  6. Scoop sorbet into glass bowl. Garnish with preserved sour cherries and chopped pistachios. Top with shot of tequila and squeeze a half lime right before to eating.

About Hoss Zare:

It wasn't until Hoss opened Zaré at Flytrap in San Francisco in 2008 that he delved deeply into Persian cuisine. He took it as an opportunity to introduce people to the cultural wealth and heritage of his homeland by combining Mediterranean and modern Persian food.

At Zaré at Fly Trap, Hoss entertains diners all week long with food and beverage programs created by the best Bay Area talents in an extraordinary space that pays tribute to the history of San Francisco.

Born in Tabriz, Iran, Hoss Zaré immigrated to San Francisco in 1986 joining his older brother who had moved to the city a decade earlier.

Almost immediately, Hoss began cooking to pay the bills while working his way through pre-medical coursework at the University of California at Davis.

Hoss soon realized that working in the kitchen had become an essential creative outlet and ceased his medical studies. In 1989, he decided to continue cooking at The Fly Trap in San Francisco, where as Craig Thomas' sous chef, Hoss was encouraged to add his own perspective to the art of fine dining.

After about a year, he was primed to take over the helm and ran the kitchen at The Fly Trap to rave reviews until 1992.

As a self-trained chef with a solid grasp of traditional French and American cuisine, Hoss decided to expand his culinary knowledge at South Park's Ristorante Ecco.

He found the restaurant's Italian style of cuisine aligned with his own experience and perspective. Within a year, he took over the stove at Ecco, where again he acquired terrific reviews.

Next up was Aromi, a popular Italian spot on Polk St. Hoss took over the restaurant, infused it with his style, and began to gain the recognition necessary to go out on his own.

In 1996, Hoss did just that on Sacramento St. with his first restaurant, Zaré. Thanks to his over-the-top sense of hospitality and unique style of Mediterranean cuisine, Hoss built a devoutly loyal following at his Pacific Heights location.

In 1999, he reclaimed Aromi and reincarnated the restaurant as Bistro Zaré. After years building a name for himself, Hoss's passion for wine and the Slow Food movement lured him to relocate to Napa.

Zaré Napa opened in 2005 featuring a Mediterranean-inspired wine country menu focused on community-provided produce. Yet as time went on, Hoss craved the energy of the city and his friends and family in San Francisco.

He set his sights on returning to the place that so warmly embraced him when he first arrived in the U.S. Not only did Hoss crave the city, but his customers demanded his return.

About Zaré at Fly Trap:

Zaré at Fly Trap opened in 2008, bringing chef and owner Hoss Zaré's dynamic food and compelling story to the historic Fly Trap location.

Zaré at Fly Trap offers a regularly changing menu showcasing fresh ingredients from local Bay Area farms and markets. The Mediterranean cuisine with modern Persian influences is a vivid illustration of Hoss' unique blend of classic culinary training and traditional Iranian upbringing and his appreciation for the value of a shared meal with loved ones.

The approachable and thoughtfully crafted wine list is complimented by recommendations for pairings readily available from servers and bartenders. The restaurant's dessert list, created by Marisa Churchill, and cocktail program, designed by Reza Esmaili, echo the menu's Mediterranean and Middle Eastern inspiration.

The team follows closely in Hoss' footsteps, priding themselves on providing an approachable dining experience. Customer service has always been high on Hoss' list which is why at Zaré at Fly Trap the host, bartenders, servers and Hoss himself interact personally, knowledgably and effectively with every guest.

Dining at Zaré Fly Trap, guests are in the home of Hoss Zaré, a man who has made a name for himself and collected a loyal following based on a strong sense of hospitality and a lusty cuisine that resonates with his passionate nature.

Zaré at Fly Trap
606 Folsom Street
San Francisco, CA 94107
Phone: 415-243-0580

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