Interesting facts about pregnancy and birth

Interesting facts about today's babies and mothers in the United States:

  • The average age of today's first-time mom is 27 years.

  • More babies are born on Tuesday than on any other day of the week.

  • Over 80% of women seek prenatal care during the first trimester.

  • The average weight gain in pregnancy is 30 pounds.

  • 97% of babies are born in hospitals and 8% of these births are attended by midwives.

  • 35% of babies are born to single moms.

  • 2 million of the more than 4 million babies born each year belong to families with incomes below the poverty line.

  • 26% of babies are born by cesarean section.

  • The rate of twin births increased 42% from 1980 to 1997.

  • 10% of labors are induced.

  • 10% of women smoke during pregnancy.

  • The months with the highest rates of birth are August, September, and October. January and February have the lowest rates.

  • 49% of newborns are girls; 51% are boys.
Talking to your practitioner: Top questions that all expectant moms should ask!
  • How long is a typical office visit?

  • How many births does the practitioner (or group of practitioners) manager per month?

  • What are the practitioner's feelings and practices regarding fetal monitoring, epidurals, and cesarean birth?

  • In what situations does the practitioner induce labor if it doesn't begin spontaneously before 41 or 42 weeks?

  • What percentage of a practitioner's patients give birth by cesarean? What is the cesarean rate for the entire practice?

  • At what point in labor does the practitioner arrive?

  • If the practitioner is a doctor, does the practice include certified nurse-midwives?

  • Will you meet everyone in the practice before the baby is born?

  • If you have a question or problem, how do you reach the doctor or midwife?
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About Tori Kropp:
Tori Kropp is a Perinatal Registered Nurse and an international figure in the field of women's health, pregnancy and early parenting. She is known as the "Dear Abby of Pregnancy" and has helped deliver thousands of babies at California Pacific Medical Center and elsewhere. She is founder and director of PillowTalk, a childbirth-education program in Marin County and San Francisco and founder of Stork Site, a pregnancy and parenting website. She lives with her family in Marin county.

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