Complaints about iPhone 4 reception surface


Ryan Merket pre-ordered his iPhone 4 and knew right away there was a problem.

"When I put my hands on the metal, it would actually go from five bars all the way down to zero and eventually have no service," he said.

The tech blog Gizmodo now has more than a dozen videos of people documenting similar issues. Video shows the signal strength in the left corner disappear as the hand covers up the outside steel band with the WiFi and cell phone antennas.

Merket says Apple indicated to him it may be a manufacturing issue.

"It sounded like it has nothing to do with AT&T and Apple might have just had something to do from the factory," he said.

Apple has not responded to our calls or e-mails or those from New York Times technology reporter Miguel Helft. He says there is also speculation the source of the problem could be the iPhone 4 software.

"One person installed that software on their old iPhone 3GS and were able to reproduce the problem on an older phone," said Helft.

Sooner of later Apple will have to let fans know what is going on with the signal issue, but for now Merket is satisfied.

"I talked with the manager and it was just a really great experience," he said. "Came down, got a new phone and now it works perfect."

For most Apple fans, the iPhone 4 is living up to the hype.

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