'Pink Saturday' kicks off 40th annual Pride celebration


It was "Pink Saturday" at Dolores Park and the celebration was in full effect. The park was packed and it was hard to find a spot of green grass. People in attendance told ABC7 they were proud of how far things have come in 40 years.

One particularly noticeable thing at the celebration was the many straight people in attendance having fun, something you probably would not have seen 40 years ago. It was an example of how far the fight for gay rights has come.

Saturday was all about the ladies.

"It just seemed like, in a lot of cases in the past, it was more about the men, and there's just more out there," one woman said. "So, this is more of a chance for us to hang back and have it be about us.

The Pride celebration kicked off early Saturday with a big party at Civic Center Plaza. The grand finale will be Sunday and includes the Pride Parade and a concert featuring the Backstreet Boys. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is scheduled to deliver a pre-recorded speech after the parade.

She would be the highest-ranking official to ever address a Pride event.

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