Feng Shui your way to a better life

  1. Make some space or You Can't Pick Up Something New In Your Life Unless You Put Down What You Are Holding Onto
    Our stuff, like gravity, has an effect on us whether you believe in feng shui or not. Look at shows like Hoarders which show the effects of clutter on peoples lives. Also people like Suze Orman talk about getting your home in order because it can have a direct relationship with your financial life. If you have "stuff" all around you it is like an emotional barrier to the world. The goal in feng shui is 50% stuff, 50% space. (I can suggest an easy process on how to declutter an area which requires no thought.)

  2. On Purpose and With Purpose or The way you do anything is the way you do everything.
    Intention is a huge part of feng shui. You don't just buy a plant and throw it in the corner and expect that the plant is "doing anything" to help you on your path to increased wealth or growth in business. You would actually need to place the item, visualize the end result you are intending and then do a little blessing or prayer or just say thank you. This process can be replicated over and over again throughout the setup or design of a space. It is only when our homes have pockets of unconsciousness that problems arise.)

  3. Create an 'energetic' clean slate or getting rid of things that soap, water and a sponge can't get to.
    For every layer of paint in the apartment building, there is a layer of energy from those past inhabitants. This is called inheritors chi (residual energy.) This energy can be positive (happy family, successful business or lots of love and passion) or negative (someone was fighting, someone went bankrupt or someone suffered---they were sick or even died in that space.) It is important to take energetic ownership of a space when you move in. Performing a space-clearing or blessing or even having a housewarming party are all good ways to take ownership of a space.

  4. Cloistered Nun Position or The top reasons your space is screaming that you are single.
    When we are children we want to feel safe and protected. For this reason we would put a child's bed up against the wall. When we are older, putting our bed into this position makes up appear closed off to love. Literally, there is no room on the other side of the bed for someone to enter. Or the bed is too small for two people. Either way, this is having an affect on your love life because you are putting forth a message that your life is set up for one person. Or that you are protecting yourself against love. And it is an invisible element that people pick up on about you, like confidence. What is your bedroom saying about you?

  5. Who's Got Your Back? Or What the Godfather knew about Feng Shui but didn't tell anyone (or he'd have to kill them.)
    Sitting with your back to the door is a feng shui no-no. It can affect us on many levels from our health (not seeing what is behind you can trigger low levels of anxiety/fight or flight to be activated in a person which over time can erode our immune system), wealth and power (sitting like a king or a queen, or the godfather feels different than being a worker bee with your back exposed) and more...Whether it be psychological (feeling empowered) or practical (I won't be shot in the back of the head) there are many reasons why this positioning for our furniture can help us on many levels. We can also create a feeling of protection by making sure someone "has our back" whether it be bodyguards, soldiers or images that we hang behind our desks.
Ariel Joseph Towne, "The Feng Shui Guy" is a Feng Shui expert and life coach, who transforms people's lives, helping them find purpose and a path to the next level in their lives.
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