Raiders start training camp in Napa


"We got a lot of work to do. I want us to be tough and play physical no question about that," head coach Tom Cable.

The big story in this year's camp is quarterback Jason Campbell who came over from the Redskins to replace JaMarcus Russell.

"We're trying to build a sense of chemistry, a sense of togetherness and I think that's what wins games on Sundays, because you're out there playing for each other and not as individuals," said Campbell.

"We're just real hungry and passionate for that kind of leadership there and I think he's been welcomed and he's kind of taking it and running with it," said Cable.

The team of the decades has become the laughing stock of the NFL and Campbell wants to change that reputation. He's already feeling what it's like wearing the silver and black.

"I definitely feel like a Raider. You know there's Raider Nation out here. You can tell the fans, they really want to win and it will be special if we can win this year and do something to help turn this thing around," said Campbell.

The Raiders have had seven straight 11-loss seasons and the Raider Nation is hoping, with this new quarterback comes a new era of Raider football.

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