Stanford, Cal talk about upcoming season

Stanford, Cal talk about upcoming season

August 2, 2010 8:25:16 PM PDT
USC is on probation, Oregon's starting quarterback got kicked off the team. Which means this might be the year for Stanford to seriously contend for the PAC-10 football title.

Cardinal players and coaches, along with a contingent from Cal and San Jose State, all gathered on Monday at the Nikko Hotel in San Francisco to hype up the coming season.

Stanford lost Toby Gerhart to the NFL, so the offense figures to feature a lot more from quarterback Andrew luck.

Likewise, Cal lost Jahvid Best and so Shane Vereen will have to carry more of the load for the Cal bears.

Here's Cal quarterback Vereen on the Bears five-decade PAC-10 title drought.

"Every day, I think it's been 51 years, since the Cal Bears have been to the Rose Bowl. Fifty-one years, I can't even fathom how long that is but I know it's a long time and we're due," says Vereen

"We'll do whatever it takes to move the football and score points. That's our only agenda to help the football team win and we'll see," says Stanford head coach Jim Harbaugh.