Police impersonators rob Pleasant Hill apartment


The victims were stunned they said it was just chaos. It happened around 11:30 Wednesday night at an apartment complex at 131 Chilpancingo Parkway. Police are looking for three suspects.

Police say the robbery was drug-related and the thieves stole electronics. All three suspects involved were young men in their 20s. Two went inside the home, acting as police officers. The other was waiting in a getaway car. Pleasant Hill police believe this was a targeted home invasion, although the residents said they have no known enemies.

"I heard them say 'get on the ground, get on the ground, police get on the ground," said home invasion victim Aaron Robinson.

"All I heard is you know 'get the f-- on the ground and a big bang, and so I immediately went to my door, I locked the door and I started jumping out the window," said home invasion victim Natalie Verducci.

Both Natalie Verducci and her boyfriend Aaron Robinson jumped out of a first floor window of their Pleasant Hill apartment when they heard the chaos from their bedroom last night -- it was a home invasion.

"Two suspects entered an apartment from an unsecured sliding door and identified themselves as police and also had a couple police insignia on their shirt, or something similar to that, and told everybody get down on the ground," said Pleasant Hill Police Det-Sgt. Scott Vermillion.

Investigators say the two police impersonators entered the Chilpancingo Parkway home around 11:30 Wednesday night, surprising some of the residents playing video games in the living room. The suspects were carrying what looked to be real handguns and a Taser.

"They had a handgun with a glued-on laser that actually broke off when they hit somebody with it," said Robinson.

"We believe the suspects were familiar with one of the victims and also the layout of the apartment. One of victims was struck in the head with a gun and I think there was a laceration and a chipped tooth from the assault," said Vermillion.

No one else was hurt, but the suspects rummaged through the apartment and stole a variety of electronics. Aaron and Natalie had escaped unnoticed and called for help, but say as police arrived the two suspects ran off and drove away with a third person.

The getaway car is described as a champagne or brown late model SUV, possibly a Chevy, with plates 4TEZ960, or 4TEZ690.

"I hope they find these guys. I hope they find them quick," said Robinson.

Police say the suspects also used a Taser on two residents. It's believed to be an older model one that just zaps, it doesn't shoot out prongs, and those victims didn't need medical care.

Anyone with information about this home invasion is urged to call Pleasant Hill police at (925) 288-4630.

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