Pension problem frustrates retiree

Lillie Wagner lives on a tiny cottage in rural Santa Rosa. Money has always been a little tight for Lillie, but recently her financial picture went from bad to worse.

"Medicare cut back and they cut my check down and I'm desperate," she said.

Lillie knew she had a small pension coming from where she worked years ago, but she couldn't get her hands on the cash.

"I tried to get a hold of the people at the retirement, but there was no comment back, my letter came back to me so that is why I contacted you," she said.

Lillie worked in a factory for nine years and she worked for Sola Optical which has since been bought out and moved on.

"So then I called Michael Finney," she said.

Lillie told me her story and showed me the papers. It Turns out the pension was administered by a company called Pilkington, we contacted them and Pilkington came through.

The company told 7 On Your Side: "Periodically, the company tries to locate former employees that are eligible for certain retirement benefits. We do not know if this is how she became aware of her benefit status, but we are glad she is now receiving the benefits that she had earned."

Lillie is glad too.

"Now my retirement, they said it may not come in the first of this month, if it doesn't, I will get two checks September 1," she said.

She checked on Tuesday and the money still wasn't in her account. It will be there in September, if not I will be airing an update.

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