San Francisco considering kids' meals toy ban


The ordinance was introduced Tuesday at city hall and is based on a similar ban that went into effect this week in Santa Clara County.

San Francisco restaurants would be prohibited from including toys in meals with more than 600 calories. The same goes for meals without fruits or vegetables.

The bill's author is Supervisor Eric Mar. He says it is all about fighting childhood obesity.

"I'm the father of a kid who is 10-years-old and in the last 30 years since Happy Meals started in 1979, obesity has quadrupled in her age group. And for the age group two to five it's tripled. I think a lot of it has to do with access to healthy foods," said Mar.

California's Restaurant Association blasted the proposed ordinance, saying "toy bans are only proven to disappoint kids, frustrate parents, and generate headlines for ambitious politicians."

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