Castro waits for gay marriage stay to be lifted

August 12, 2010 6:59:10 PM PDT
In San Francisco's Castro District there may have been no rejoicing in the streets Thursday like after last week's Prop 8 decision, but that in no way diminishes the joy over the order from the judge and the sense of optimism it brings to the legal battle still to come.

The Castro was like any typical San Francisco neighborhood Thursday. There were no organized rallies or gatherings to celebrate like last week, when the Castro went wild after the judge legalized same-sex marriages. Nevertheless, the lifting of the stay was on everyone's minds in the city's gay Mecca.

"For myself being single and openly gay, this will allow me the option to get married, whoever it will be, to some futuristic husband," San Francisco resident Sean Villariasa said.

Most of those ABC7 spoke with did not mind that the ruling would take effect next week.

"Waiting a little while longer is not a big deal when you consider how long it took to get where we are today," San Francisco resident Jim DeRoche said.

There also seemed to be a consensus that the appeals court will agree with Judge Vaughn Walker.

"I have a feeling that the 9th Circuit will let it prevail, we have one of the more liberal district courts in the country," San Francisco resident Dick Manning said.

The venerable Twin Peaks bar is a popular Castro hangout. Bartender Stan Singer says he is one of 16,000 legally married couples in the state. But the never ending legal battle is getting on his nerves.

"I didn't get to vote on heterosexuals and their right to marry so why should they have to vote on ours?" he asked.

Ray Smith is a Twin Peaks regular. He thinks the higher courts will rule against gay marriage.

"Well, we have a lot of enemies; people don't like gay marriages or a lot of people don't so I think it'll be stayed again," he said.

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