Counties prepare for same-sex marriage rush


So far, San Francisco, Contra Costa, Santa Clara, Los Angeles and San Diego counties say they will be ready to issue marriage licenses to same sex couples if they are allowed to.

Ben Miyaji rushed to the Santa Clara County building Thursday, expecting to do what he loves most.

"I believe in marriage and getting married and I think it's great to see these people that are happy when they leave," Miyaji said.

He started volunteering as a marriage commissioner, in 2008 when same sex marriages were legal. He hoped the Prop 8 stay would be lifted.

So did Brian Fiorino and Duke Khuu. Thursday morning, the couple filled out their marriage application and waited.

"We got there at nine because we wanted to be the first or among the first to get marriage licenses in Santa Clara County," Fiorino said.

Then the roller coaster ride started up.

"Everyone was in tears, excited, then a few minutes later found out, wait til at least next week," Khuu said.

"This is just a bump in the road," Fiorino said.

They have already changed their Facebook wedding invite page reflecting the new time and date.

"I know things could happen between now and then keep our fingers crossed," Khuu said.

At the county clerk's office they are already prepping for a busy Wednesday.

"We are going to stay open past five until seven o'clock," county clerk recorder Gina Alcomandras said.

That is four hours later than usual. And other than the chapel, three extra rooms will be decorated and ready for weddings.

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