'Hummer mom' in court again, doesn't enter plea


The courtroom was packed My.

Unlike her first appearance last week, Christine Hubbs showed no emotion during Monday's brief hearing. Like last time, the courtroom was filled with Hubbs' supporters including her husband Tim who was seated in the front row.

In her second court appearance, Hubbs still did not enter a plea to the 67 felony counts against her. Her attorney, Jules Bonjour, told the judge he needed more time to review all the evidence against his client.

"I'm going to wait until I get all of that and then I'll form an opinion as to how we'll proceed on the case," he said.

42-year-old Hubbs is accused of having sexual relations with two teenage boys in a series of liaisons dating back to December 2008.

"No comments right now," said her husband Tim. "My lawyer's going to be taking care of all that because of all the evidence and stuff."

Tim and friends of the prominent Livermore family were in court to show their support for the mother of three.

"We're doing okay," he told ABC7. "We're just taking it one day at a time. My kids are hanging tough though, just telling you that."

According to prosecutors, Christine Hubbs communicated with the boys via text messages on her cell phone, which she also used to send nude photos of herself. Police say the sex would occur in Hubbs' black Hummer or at local hotels.

"My big concern here is for the two young men," said sexual compulsion therapist George Collins of Walnut Creek. "I hope the parents look for good solid counseling. This is not a rite of passage. It's nothing cool. It's nothing good. They will be damaged and they do need to sort this out so they can have a happy marriage when they get older."

Bonjour says Hubbs will remain in jail for the time being.

"She's in a protected place. Let's put it that way," he said. "With this media circus going on, I don't like to have any client in jail, but that's not a bad place right now, for her."

Hubbs' bail remains at $4.3 million. Her next court appearance is set for September 3 in Pleasanton.

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