Mother gets slammed for opposing "Medal of Honor"


Gamers are calling "Medal of Honor" the only game of its kind that takes place during a current war. That's why they want it, but that is also why at least one military mom is outraged by it.

"Medal of Honor" is due out October 12. Electronic Arts is betting the special effects, multi-player capability, and story line will be a big draw for gamers.

"I've pre-ordered it," said gamer Cole Hildebrandt.

What EA may not have expected is the late Lt. Ken Ballard's mother getting involved.

"I find it disrespectful and irresponsible for EA to be putting this game out at this time," says Gold Star Mom Karen Meredith.

It is being released in the midst of the War on Terror in Afghanistan. Gamers can decide whether to be American soldiers or the Taliban.

"Americans are dying and I can't imagine who would really want to sit and shoot U.S. soldiers on a game," says Meredith.

In reality, there are plenty of people who can't wait for the game's release. At a GameStop in San Jose, the wait list is in the triple digits. "Medal of Honor's" content isn't a problem for any gamers ABC7 spoke with.

"I don't think... it's really nothing, it's just storytelling, you know. It's not like you're siding with the Taliban, you're just playing a game that's telling a story," says gamer Calvin Sim from San Jose.

"At a certain point we have to look past the Taliban being taboo and more so it's part of our reality," says gamer Jeijay Bruno from San Jose.

Meredith's reality means life without her only son. He died while fighting in Iraq in 2004 and ever since she publicly criticized "Medal of Honor," the bloggers haven't let up.

"I'm called ignorant here. 'Stupid mother... stupid mothers who are too traumatized, your son died.' I think it's telling me to get over the death of my son," says Meredith as she read the comments online.

Jeff Brown from Electronic Arts Corporate issued a statement saying, "I think this is all nonsense generated by people who haven't played a video game in the last 20 years."

Meredith says she doesn't want the game to be banned, she'd rather the game be shelved for a few years.

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