Search to continue for fifth victim


Hercules police are now turning their attention to the landfill and have asked several other Bay Area agencies to help them search the landfill in Pittsburg on Friday morning.

They are looking for Frederick Sales who disappeared about a week after getting into a fight inside a Hercules home. Everyone else involved in that fight is now dead.

Efron Valdemoro walked away from the fight with a black eye. He told police one of his girlfriend's tenants, 73-year-old Ricardo Sales, woke him up and started punching him.

The police officer wrote in his report, "I saw Ricardo on top of Valdemoro who was lying face down on the floor. Valdemoro was completely naked."

Ricardo's son, 35-year-old Frederick Sales, joined in the fight. But both father and son told police it was Valdemoro who attacked.

The officer summarized their side of the story like this: "When Valdemoro got out of bed he attacked Ricardo by punching him the face several times. Ricardo told me he had to defend himself so he fought back."

Ricardo went to Valdemoro's room to confront him about a letter Valdemoro had written telling Ricardo to stay out of Valdemoro's relationship with girlfriend Cindy Tran. In the letter Valdemoro called Ricardo a liar and backstabber.

Valdemoro claimed to be the victim in this fight, but friends of Tran portray him as intimidating.

"The very last time I saw her alive he was when he was in there and he just like cowered over her when she worked," said Elizabeth Moscardon, Tran's customer.

Perhaps his rage from the fight continued to build and motivated him to kill. One week after the confrontation, Ricardo was found beaten to death inside the Hercules home. Police blame Valdemoro. They also think he strangled Tran. They don't know if he did anything to Frederick, but they have their suspicions. Frederick is missing and his co-workers at Doctors Medical Center in San Pablo are worried.

"They're very sad. Everybody is so sad. They don't know what happened. I am praying for his recovery, you know, the body or whatever. I hope that they will find him," said Gloria Valledor, a co-worker of Frederick.

The police report is too much to handle for the residents living near the Hercules home where the fight and murder took place.

"It's really shocking, alarming and scary," says neighbor Teresita Basbas.

Basbas says she is still very afraid, even though Valdemoro was shot and killed in a confrontation with police. There is still one man missing and that makes her nervous, she's not walking her neighborhood anymore, and she's having nightmares. The search through the landfill should begin at 9 a.m. on Friday.

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