Mysterious balls on Google's homepage

When you visit Google's homepage today -- you'll be greeted by a new mystery.

This time, the search engine's homepage has bouncing balls that you can chase around the page with your mouse they gradually form the Google logo.

Google often creates a special "doodle" to mark events, but usually, the Mountain View-based company explains its design. This time -- not a word.

The mystery is why the company created it.

Google usually creates a special "doodle" to mark events, but the Mountain View based company almost always allows users to click on the logo and find out why it was created.

This time the only thing the company will say is, "Today's doodle is fast, fun and interactive, just the way we think search should be."

There are numerous theories about the balls bouncing around the Internet, including that the balls are in celebration of Google's 12th anniversary.

But according to the blog Search Engine Land, the balls have nothing to do with the anniversary but may be linked to a Google event planned for Wednesday.

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