San Bruno family frustrated over missing reports


Relatives say they are frustrated and hurt. The Bullis family has known that 82-year-old Lavone, her 50-year-old Son Greg, and her 17-year-old grandson will were missing since the blast happened on Thursday night.

"His sister has been going to the rec center and trying to find him, and we've been calling the local hospitals but they don't have any listings for a Bullis," said family friend Harley Strazzarino.

Yet, officials have repeatedly said that everyone was accounted for, which was frustrating and hurtful for loved ones to hear.

"I felt kind of like why aren't they treating them like... Do they not count?" Strazzarino said.

New information was released that finally included the Bullis.

"We're up to seven fatalities and we have six people now that are missing," reported San Bruno spokesman Brian Moura.

To the Bullis family, this was more than just numbers, it was confirmation. Greg's twin brother took to his Facebook page after the updated information was released saying, "We have official word. Anyone else missing is presumed dead. Mom, Greg and Willie have not been found."

"They're getting some recognition, so we know they're looking for them and they're not just gone in the mist," Strazzarino said.

Officials say they are doing their best in a very challenging situation. They say they do not know if someone is missing unless the family makes a report. They are asking everyone to go to the Veteran Memorial Recreation Center and report in so they can get a full count.

"We've been doing this outreach asking people to check in," Maura said. "In some cases, some people haven't come forward until later."

Officials are still hopeful that some of the missing might show up at the rec center and check in. They say cadaver dogs will be returning to the scene.

"We have three areas we have yet to check, so the numbers could change a little bit. We're hoping for good news," Maura said.

The Bullis family is assuming Levon, Greg and Will are gone. Friends say they are ready to be there for the family, including Janine, who lost her brother, father and grandmother.

"She's probably going to have a lot of help from her friends and family I think, and probably her church," she said. "We're going to need all the help we can have for these losses."

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