Thousands to attend Intel's Developer Forum


Recognize anyone? The computer does. That's what it is doing with the white squares that frame the faces in the crowd. The crowd is attending the Silicon Valley equivalent of a movie premiere, opening night of Intel's annual developer forum. And the camera is designed to be mounted on a rear view mirror.

The face that the camera really wants to see is the driver's. Not to tell who is driving but to detect whether the driver is texting or otherwise distracted -- or stressed.

Recognition also plays a role in a phone powered by Intel's newest Atom chip. Here, it recognizes landmarks such as bridges and churches, and using GPS data, presents information about your surroundings.

This 3D camera recognizes what it sees on your kitchen counter. It knows this is a steak. Then, it projects a menu onto any surface and responds to touch commands. Does this mean the end of screens?

"It's really tempting to imagine we're going to live in a world where everything is a display screen. And my sense is it's not going to be quite like that. But I think the notion that many more surfaces can display the content we care about in ways that engage and compel us -- that's clearly on the horizon," said Intel Labs Director Genevieve Bell.

It's no longer just about the PC. For Intel, it's about cameras and cars and kitchens and naturally, Intel has a big stake in all of this.

Intel Developer Forum New Technologies:

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