Donkey deemed hero for saving goat

September 15, 2010 7:15:09 PM PDT
There have been a number of mountain lion sightings in the past month in Northern California and a goat in Butte County owes her life to a donkey.

Art Colyer's goat Buttermilk was being attacked by a mountain lion when all of the sudden Poppy the donkey went into action.

It was a wakeup call the vet service owner from Paradise won't soon forget.

"She was just braying with just amazing intensity right in the face of the face of this mountain lion. Her next move was to just start stomping on him," he said. "She started just running around a whooping it up and hitting him with everything she had. It was amazing how she just laid into him."

Buttermilk is recovering nicely from her ordeal and she and Poppy have been inseparable since the attack.