Mother, daughter remembered after San Bruno fire


Jacqueline Greig and her 13-year-old daughter, Janessa, were remembered at their church in San Francisco. A collage of pictures greeted mourners and showed the vibrant lives of these two victims. Inside the service, friends and family members watched a video of Janessa.

In a St. Cecilia School video Janessa said, "Sometimes it seems like everything is going wrong. There are times when our faith plummets and others when it soars."

This video is of Janessa giving her reflection on the Catholic faith at her confirmation ceremony in May. Her words were so profound they inspired the priest who will be giving the homily at her funeral on Friday.

"I looked at it about three times. She spoke to me. I want to use her words," said St. Cecilia Church pastor Msgr. Michael Harriman.

Jacki and Janessa died a week ago in the San Bruno explosion and fire that killed at least four people.

"I want people to know that they mattered, that this should never have happened. They didn't deserve…they were just home making dinner, doing homework," said Jacki's best friend Diane Cordova.

Janessa was an eighth grader at St. Cecilia Catholic School in San Francisco. She was president of the student council, a dancer, and an honor student. Her classmates are determined to keep her memory alive.

"She's part of the class of 2011 and she's a big part of it and we're not going to forget that. We're keeping her picture up, right now her desk is still here with things in it," said Janessa's homeroom teacher Kathy Kays.

Loved ones say the sudden death of Jacki and Janessa has made them realize the importance of cherishing every day -- a lesson it seems Janessa had already learned.

"Even if we have a busy schedule, we should take time to enjoy and appreciate all of God's gifts," said Janessa in the video.

The 13-year-old was an impressive little girl. Their funeral is scheduled for Friday and St. Cecilia has canceled classes so that students can attend.

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