Unemployment rate climbs to 12.4 percent

Unemployment rates in Bay Area counties averaged above 9 percent for the month, with the exception of Marin County, which had an unemployment rate of 8.4 percent.

Work involving construction and producing goods, also called nonfarm jobs, fell by 33,500 jobs across the state since August.

Two occupations -- mining and business services -- showed gains of about 500 jobs for the month of August, but nine others showed losses totaling about 34,000 jobs, according to the department.

The U.S. unemployment rate also increased this month, up to 9.6 percent for the month of August from 9.5 percent in July, according to the U.S. Department of Labor.

San Mateo and Napa counties showed better unemployment rates than the U.S. average, with 9.1 percent for San Mateo and 9.4 percent for Napa over the month.

Californians receiving regular unemployment insurance dropped by more than 45,650 people for the month of August. At the same time, more than 65,260 others submitted new applications for unemployment insurance over the same month.

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