Teen hopes to shine in Radio Disney contest


High school freshman Amber Lily is already an experienced pro. The 13-year-old's first performance came at age 5 and Amber knew what she wanted to do.

She had lessons, auditions an agent and lived in Los Angeles for year, but her family had to come back home for the high school experience.

"School always comes first. I always finish my school work before working on my music," Amber said.

Amber is grounded, realistic and knows the importance of education.

"Our teachers are working with her family when she has to make trips down south. we're supporting here as we would any other student," high school principal Denise Hibbard said.

She's not just a singer, but a songwriter too.

"I just write about what happens in day to day life that I find interesting and I know everybody else like me is experiencing the same kind of thing," Amber said.

Amber was chosen to be one of five contestants in Radio Disney's "Next Big Thing" contest. She's on the radio, on the Disney Channel and on the website where you can vote.

"The whole point of it is being noticed and getting out there,"she said.

For mom and dad, this break is seeing the result of years of sacrifice and dedication.

"The main focus is getting her to where she wanted and I think we work on it as a family, not just one person, but as a team," Amber's mom Maria Solberg said.

"We'd also like to see her be successful in it as a career because she's so passionate about doing it," Amber's dad Eric Solberg said.

So Amber's dream could become a reality.

"We'll see what happens," she said.

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