Man collects celeb autographs on baseballs


At Bob Burt's Castro Valley home it may seem like baseball season never ends. Burt has 6,400 autographed baseballs.

About 10 percent of the collection are from baseball players, including Satchel Page, Roger Maris, Sandy Koufax, Ted Williams and Babe Ruth, but the vast majority are form celebrities both big and small.

Almost the entire collection is the result of personal requests from Burt to anyone and everyone.

Burt sent people like Gene Kelly and Dear Abby each a baseball, a return envelope and the request that they add their signature to his collection.

He chose baseballs because they were different.

Now after three decades of collecting, Burt has decided to put the entire thing up for sale.

Burt estimates the baseballs might be worth millions, if kept intact, just because the collection is so complete and quirky.

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