Good Housekeeping puts all-in-one PC's to the test

October 5, 2010 8:46:27 AM PDT
If you're short on space at home, this may be for you. It's an all in one computer, TV and recording system. Good Housekeeping put them to the test and 7 On Your Side's Michael Finney shows the better ones.

The average American household owns 24 electronic gadgets. The all-in-one PC can cut that number down significantly.

"The all-in-one PCs come packed with features. Some of them have built-in tuners, you can have your music on them and a lot of them have cool applications like Hulu or Netflix on them," said Rachel Rothman of Good Housekeeping.

Testers say the HP Touchsmart makes a good entertainment center. It has a TV tuner and a really large screen. The MSI is stylish and comes with a built in webcam and touch gesturing.

"The Asus EETop also features multi-touch gesturing and has a built-in web cam. It's super thin and you can even mount it on your wall if you want to," said Rothman.

The all-in-one PC may not be for everyone, but could be a good alternative for some.