Good Housekeeping puts all-in-one PC's to the test

The average American household owns 24 electronic gadgets. The all-in-one PC can cut that number down significantly.

"The all-in-one PCs come packed with features. Some of them have built-in tuners, you can have your music on them and a lot of them have cool applications like Hulu or Netflix on them," said Rachel Rothman of Good Housekeeping.

Testers say the HP Touchsmart makes a good entertainment center. It has a TV tuner and a really large screen. The MSI is stylish and comes with a built in webcam and touch gesturing.

"The Asus EETop also features multi-touch gesturing and has a built-in web cam. It's super thin and you can even mount it on your wall if you want to," said Rothman.

The all-in-one PC may not be for everyone, but could be a good alternative for some.

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