Company scores high with Consumer Reports


Gutter Glove's Pro Gutter Guard has been selected by Consumer Reports as a recommended buy.

"You can see how the water pushes the debris out of the way. It creates a beach wave, like sand and it creates its own self cleaning. I push it back and the water pushes it back out," product creator John Lewis said.

The Gutter Glove Guard Pro does a great job of keeping gutters clear from leaves and debris. That's why Consumer Reports likes it and that's why John likes Consumer Reports.

"The phones haven't quit ringing, it has been amazing. The phones have lit up, we have had to hired a bunch of people to answer the phones, and it has changed everything. We have had the best month of sales in our lives. It has been wonderful," he said.

John didn't even know Consumer Reports had bought the product and the whole thing was a huge surprise. Now the Gutter Glove all but sells itself.

"With Consumer Reports, you whip that out and say take a look at this here and our estimators, every estimate they have gone out on have signed on the spot," he said.

Consumer Reports does not allow companies to use its name in advertisements, which is why you have to look for the Consumer Reports best buys and not just stumble upon them.

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