Michelle Obama attends local fundraiser as election nears


Democratic House Speaker Nancy Pelosi organized the fundraiser and called on Michelle to headline the event, which paid off with Democrats raising over $1 million.

It was ladies night Monday at the Fairmont Hotel in San Francisco as Pelosi, Vice President Joe Biden's wife, Jill Biden, and Michelle Obama appeared before an adoring crowd. Seven hundred people, mostly women, paid $500 for the Democratic fundraiser.

"This election isn't just about all that we've accomplished these past couple of years, it's about all that we have left to do in the months and years ahead. That's what's this election is about," said the first lady.

This Mrs. Obama's second trip to the Bay Area since becoming first lady, and as was the case with her husband during his California trip last week, she has no plans to visit districts where Democrats are in trouble, such as the 11th Congressional District. There, Democratic incumbent Jerry McNerney is trailing in the latest poll to Republican David Harmer.

"To bring the president in to the 11th is to nationalize the race in the 11th and that's not the strategy that the Democrats think will work for them," said ABC7's political analyst professor Bruce Cain.

That is why Mrs. Obama is instead focusing her energies on safe Democratic areas like San Francisco, where she can raise a lot of money and pump up members of her party.

"You know what they say, if you want something done, ask a woman. So I am here tonight and I'm asking, I'm asking you all to get fired up. I'm asking you to make those phone calls because this is too close," she said.

But the first lady's remarks weren't all about the upcoming election. She made a point to offer her congratulations on the Giants' World Series bid.

"As a Cubs fan, I know how it feels when you haven't seen the light of the World Series in so long. I know, I know how thrilled this city must be, so congratulations and good luck," she said.

Before the dinner, there were two separate receptions, so in total, Democrats raised $1.6 million on Monday night. On Tuesday, Mrs. Obama will appear in Los Angeles.

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