Giants fans face World Series ticket disappointment


Fans lined up at AT&T Park on Monday morning to purchase tickets and see history in the making. Hundreds lined up to get their hands on the sought after tickets, but many struck out.

Jeremy Almendarez of Santa Clara got in line for tickets at the ballpark just like he did in 2002 when the Giants put World Series tickets up for sale.

"I'm here to try and get tickets to the World Series. Been here all night, been here since yesterday at around 4 p.m., hung around and saw the team bus pull in," he said.

Fans lined up to see Giants arrive in San Francisco on Sunday after they beat the Philadelphia Phillies on Saturday 3-2 and obtained that coveted NL pennant.

Jim Phohl withdrew $500 from the ATM so he could get buy tickets for himself and his two children.

"I'd rather not get standing room, I am too old for standing room only and the kids are not very tall, so standing room are not going to do them any good. But anything else, it'd be cool because they will love it," he said.

But with the line growing, the Giants sent out a representative with a dose of reality. Suddenly Giants fans felt like Philly fans must have felt Saturday night -- like the party was over.

Javier and little Jacob Septimo drove up from San Jose.

"I was going to spend at least $500 for four tickets. Guess I won't be able to get them now," he said.

It was also a big disappointment for Almendarez, but moments later just like the Giants, he began to rally.

"I will watch it at home and if the Giants win it's all good," he said.

The San Francisco Giants management never said they would be selling tickets at the ball park and that was just started out of rumor.

StubHub! still has tickets available for standing room only for between $400-$500 and upper deck tickets are $500-$800.

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