Parents upset over student health screening letters


District officials say the letters detailed how their children scored during a routine health screening. It tells parents how their child did when it came to height and weight.

The district superintendent says students' weights are an emotional subject for parents, but it needs to be addressed. Some parents say the letter did more harm than good.

"I work with my daughter on self esteem issues every day, and for them to destroy all the hard work I do at home in one day, that her friends can see and everybody can see, it's wrong," said parent Deborah Delabruere.

"It's always easy to hindsight and second guess, but we can't be concerned about that but what I will say is that we're always concerned about the wellness of our children," said Al Steen at Buckeye Elementary School.

Delabruere admits her daughter is overweight, but says it is due to medical problems, and adds that it is none of the school's business.

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