SFO lines move smooth despite warnings


A spokesman at SFO said things went smoothly and even the weather cooperated. There were no delays on the runway or in the security lines. A handful of demonstrators picketed against the full body scanning machines at SFO. "We want the TSA to get the message. We want the DHS to get the message that this is an unreasonable search and seizure process," protester Sheila Dean said. Dean says she's worried about the intrusiveness and radiation from the body scanning technology and she calls the controversial enhanced pat-downs coercive. "If someone were to push into your breast or genitals, you might say 'oh I'll take my chances with the dirty TSA scanner,'" she said. The scanner's developer has said the radiation is not harmful. Organizers of Wednesday's national 'opt-out day' had hoped enough people would opt-out of the body scanners on this big travel day to slow the already cumbersome screening process. Full-body scans take as little as 10 seconds, while pat-downs take four minutes or longer, but that simply did not happen. "It seems like it's just the next step in the evolution of technology," Minnesota resident Michael Taylor said. "I'd rather go through it than have someone get on the plane and be able to conceal something," Minnesota resident Chamika Taylor said. "I think the extra pat-downs or X-rays, I am not too worried about it. I rather be safe than be in danger," Santa Clara resident Jessica Long said. There was even one picketer supporting the new screening procedures, saying she's tired of listening to all the complaining. "I think somebody should support the people who are trying to save our lives," Hayward resident Kathy Stump said. The opt-out organizers are unwilling to call today a big flop saying the publicity alone has helped put pressure on TSA to review its process.

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