Pit bull attacks 5th grader, police won't treat as crime

January 12, 2011 12:21:15 AM PST
A 5th grader says the pit bull attack, that will force him to have reconstructive surgery, was no accident. ABC7 talked to the boy and his family in Vallejo.

The pit bull bit a pretty large chunk of flesh out of the boy's arm, but it could have been a lot worse if he hadn't been holding his arm up to defend himself.

The pit bull is still free and authorities still have not questioned the owner and that's what has the boy's family so upset.

Ray Wilkie, 10, is a 5th grader at Cooper Elementary School in Vallejo who says he had just come home from school on Monday around 3 p.m. He says he was a block away from home, when he noticed a man on the street with two pit bulls. For some reason, he says the man intentionally released one of them and it came charging at him.

"He was going right for my neck, then I blocked him. On the second time I blocked him, he got me, and I kicked back. He got me and I just heard his teeth," says Ray.

Anita Span, Ray's sister, was asked what the police told her once she called them to come out. She said, "They said that they were going to let the animal control deal with this situation... because they not going to treat it like a crime."

They say police would not take a police report even though animal control told Ray's family to get a police report.

Now Ray is undergoing a series of painful rabies shots. He had 16 shots after the attack and he has 14 more to go.

On Thursday he'll have reconstructive surgery at Children's Hospital in Oakland.

On Tuesday night, a Vallejo police spokesperson told ABC7 that he could not comment on the case because he didn't have any knowledge of the incident. He says he'll get back to us soon.

Meanwhile, the pit bull is still free, the owner has not been questioned, and Ray says he is not comfortable walking out of his own front door.