Pit bull captured after attack on kid in Vallejo

January 12, 2011 5:48:55 PM PST
Vallejo Animal Control says it's still investigating Monday's pit bull attack on 10-year-old Ray Wilkie. Once the investigation is complete, Vallejo police will take a look at what Animal Control has found out and then decide whether to open a police investigation.

The attack happened around 2:30 Monday afternoon on Springs Road, about one mile from where the dog was finally captured. The boy will require surgery. The dog may be put down.

Wilkie says the dog was intentionally released to attack him, but the dog's owner says the person handling the dog at the time just couldn't hold on to the leash. Animal Services Director David Sidie says, "In this case both stories could have happened. The dog could have been released with intention to hurt the child, or it could have just broke free because it's a good size dog. We just don't know."

The dog ran away after Monday's attack, and was caught this morning. It's now in the Vallejo SPCA kennel. After being identified by the victim, the dog will be transferred to Solano County Animal Control for quarantine. Then the owner will have to decide whether to euthanize him, or go through a Dangerous Dog Hearing.

Sidie says the dog's name is Savage, "He weighs well over 80 pounds... he's not fixed and his behavior is unpredictable."

Wilkie had had to endure at least 16 rabies shots because it's unclear if Savage had his. And the boy is scheduled to have reconstructive surgery on his injured right arm at Oakland Children's Hospital next Thursday.

The dog's owner was staying in the garage of the house on Springs Road, but the couple who lives upstairs were the focus of some angry neighbors.

"I was by myself and they started destroying my property, telling me they were going to burn down the house just because were involved in it. We weren't," Alycia said.

"I don't blame them, but I had nothing to do with this. She had nothing to do with this," Terry added.

Ray is already feeling better and says he now feels safe and protected.

ABC7's Terry McSweeney contributed to this report