Tourists, residents amazed with storm's surf


The waves are big, but those who live in Pacifica say they've seen bigger, where they get so big, they break over the sea wall. Still quite a sight and quite dangerous and no one is swimming or surfing in this water.

Waves can build between 14 and 17 feet and break as high as 20 feet at some beaches. There are signs along the Pacifica waterfront, warning spectators about the dangerous waves and to stand back. Tourists from all over the Bay Area and the world have come down to check them out.

"I am just touring around, having a holiday. We're from Sydney, so I'm spoiled with our beaches. They're pretty big actually," Australian native Carmel Taffa said.

"I'm born and raised in San Francisco. This is the first time. I've never seen like anything this. It's amazing. It's really something, very dangerous, very scary," San Francisco resident Sherry Neswick said.

Big waves are also providing a show in San Francisco. The rain also caused some minor flooding along the Great Highway. Waves will be highest at high tide and the next one is happening at around midnight, but not a good idea to be on the beach at night.

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