College students preach the importance of education


Cal State East Bay students are getting ready for church on Sunday. They're putting together these pamphlets that will be handed out to potential students during worship.

"It's an outreach program to the African-American community to increase the number of African- Americans going to college," Barbara Pauley from Cal East Bay said.

The university calls it "Super Sunday. This Sunday, Feb. 20, administrators and faculty will fan out to more than 40 northern California churches to deliver the message.

"We have always gone to the church and to the black leaders as a place where not only do we worship, it's a place where information is given out to everyone," Pauley said.

This year, a church in Newark is taking part. The pastor says getting a college degree isn't just about getting a good job.

"The residual effect on our community, our culture, our cities, states, towns, nation world, is really immeasurable," Pastor Horacio Jones from Family Bible Fellowship said.

He says a degree instills self worth and contributes to black culture, communities, neighborhoods and beyond. In its pitch, the university will put an emphasis on financial aid -- because tough economic times are even tougher in the black community. But, administrators say that doesn't have to be a show stopper.

"College is achievable and you can do it, and we're going to offer you a pathway to get there," said.

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